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I joined Junction Sober living homes 5 months ago after coming to terms with the harsh reality that my life had become very unmanageable. I had no idea what to expect but to say the experience has been nothing short of amazing is an understatement. Junction house allowed me to regain my dignity and self respect as a woman, a daughter, a sister and a friend. The structure provided by Dr. Kiki and Debbi is paramount to establishing a life in which you become productive, grateful, hardworking and sober. It is not easy at first, and getting used to the demands of volunteering, working and meetings is difficult, however it is through this routine, and this suggested program of recovery that you learn just how strong you are and how much you can do in a short period of time to turn your life around. Kiki and Debbi are so supportive and they will love you when you can’t love yourself. The friends I’ve made and the support I receive on a daily basis from the women in the community is absolutely amazing and life changing. I cannot say enough about Junction. If you are looking to change absolutely everything in your life and do the hard work, this is the place for you. I love you Junction!!!

Lindsay B

5 stars is not enough to rate a Recovery Home as amazing as Junction House. I am beyond blessed to be welcomed into a home with such caring women. My first day I was welcomed with open arms. Kiki and Debbi are so invested in all of our recovery. They run a recovery home where they push to see their girls be the best that they can possibly be. They are not just house owners or house mothers, they are dedicated, inspiring women who do this to help women save their lives and learn to love themselves. Many recovery centers and recovery homes put money first but not Kiki and Debbi… They will do whatever they can for a woman who is hungry for sobriety, without a second thought. They care for their girls, they LOVE their girls. Coming into Junction House has helped me learn to love myself and fight for another day sober. My life gets better a little more each day because of the women I live with and the love, comfort and kindness that Kiki and Debbi show me each day.
Frankie B.

I’m not really sure how to express into words my gratitude for the opportunity to live in this recovery home. Kiki and Debbi are committed to providing a safe and sober environment filled with structure and support. For me, I know that transferring to this home directly from rehab is in part why I was able to stay sober early on. It was in this home that I learned how to be an adult and live life on life’s terms without a chemical crutch. This epidemic we are facing right now is very real. Addiction is a progressive and fatal disease if not treated. I thank Kiki and Debbi for guiding me when I was so lost and broken. The experience of living in this home is why I am still clean and sober today!
Erin H.

Kiki and Debbi have created a uniquely outstanding environment that saves women’s lives. It is unlike any sober living you’ve experienced. The structure and support in their homes is mixed with the perfect amount of love, care and understanding that any woman struggling can benenfit from. The homes themeselves are upscale, modern, and spacious and provide the perfect environment for comfort and growth. Kiki and Debbi are incredibly knowledgeable and hands on in all aspects of the women’s recovery. I would recommend Junction House to any woman struggling!!!!
Michelle B.

Junction house was an excellent choice for the next phase of my recovery. The therapeutic atmosphere, caring people and supportive environment helped me transition back into my life.

I would highly recommend Junction House to any woman who is serious about their journey to a sober life.


Junction House Women's Sober Living Home Testimonial
Junction House is providing me with an environment of peace, serenity, and love which is essential for me in my long term recovery. Without a solid foundation and the support from my new “family” which I have found at Junction House, I would not have a life of happiness and sobriety.

Junction House is a blessing that I am grateful for. I’m happy to be living in a beautiful home with women who are dedicated to helping others. It is one of the best rewards of my recovery.

Junction House Women's Sober Living Home Testimonial
I have nothing but gratitude for my time at Junction House. It was truly a safe haven for me, a beautiful, loving home where I was able to piece my life back together. I would recommend JH to anyone who is ready to make the commitment to their recovery…there is no better place to do it!


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