Sober Living and Premiere Recovery Residences for Women 

Sober Living and Premiere Recovery Residences for Women 

Owned & Operated By

Certified Recovery Specialist

Certified Family Recovery Specialist


Retired Physician

Structured Recovery Residences for Women

  • Nationally recognized by NARR
  • Locally recognized by PARR
  • Voted “Best of 2019 Philadelphia Award” for Sober Living and Recovery Homes
  • Known for best hands-on approach and structure
  • Female structured recovery residences 
  • Rescued emotional support dogs 
  • MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) for those on Suboxone accepted
  • Located in upscale suburban areas
  • Conveniently located at the Junction of Bucks County, Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia in Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Warwick Township and Philadelphia
  • Close to Center City

Why Choose Junction House

  • Nationally recognized as premier recovery residences for women
  • AFFORDABLE sober living homes for the purpose of long term sobriety
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) accepted for those on Suboxone
  • Structured and safe recovery residences located in beautiful areas
  • Fresh, healthy and nutritional food delivered weekly
  • Transportation provided for Individual and Group Therapy, Early Recovery Skills and Relapse Prevention Groups by our affiliate IOP facilities​
  • Recovery services such as: Certified Recovery Specialist, sober coach and addiction peer advocate sessions for co-dependency and family guidance
  • Meditation and yoga classes
  • Personal laptops, cell phones and vehicles permitted
  • Employment or volunteer hours are permitted



Junction House Success Rate

People Assisted

Years of Recovery Experience

Junction House Offers

  • Guidance from hands-on owners and senior house members
  • Family feeling that offers experience, strength and hope
  • Peer support on how to use tools for long-term recovery
  • Owners who have over 45 years of personal experience in recovery, family dynamics of addiction and alcoholism
  • Knowledge of using and practicing 12-Step programs and close proximity to meetings
  • Accepts female clients from rehab facilities and other recovery/sober living residences 
  • Welcome all ages in any phase of their recovery from drugs and alcohol
  • ​Free alumni program for relapse prevention

Junction House Goals

  • We strive to teach those on how to continue their road to recovery in order to live a productive, purposeful, self-sufficient life without drinking or using drugs
  • Recovery residences offers holistic and life skills as well as the principles of 12-step programs in the hope that they will reclaiming their life, self-worth and self-esteem
Upscale Women's Sober Living Home in Pennsylvania

Junction House Recovery Success Stories

As Courtney’s time at Junction House is coming to an end, we have mixed emotions. We are so grateful that she was able to continue her recovery in such a special place. As parents, it was very comforting to drop her at Junction House. We appreciate the dedication you both have to make Junction House different from other recovery homes, a beautiful, spotless, well run home in a lovely area. You were patient, understanding, strict but not controlling. Requiring residents to contribute to the running of the home, cooking, cleaning, working and attending meetings, showed and allowed Courtney to learn to live successfully outside the rehab bubble. The independence, structure, direction and knowledge has allowed Courtney to see that there is life without alcohol. You have showed her that she can live a productive, meaningful and happy life with this illness.
Ray and Cece

Courtney's Parents

Junction House provided me with structure, accountability, and a support group from Day 1. The facility is impeccable, but the emphasis on honesty, open mindedness and willingness helped me mature into a responsible and considerate individual. Kiki and Debbi were put into my life as instructors and sometimes I was hard-headed, but eventually the lessons paid off and I learned humility and gained reasons to live. I work a program today that allows me to live by helping others, which is the treatment for this disease. Grateful and proud to be a Junction House alumni.


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Debbi at 215-815-0113


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Junction House accepts credit cards for sober living homes in Pennsylvania
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