Sober living for women is a special opportunity to get support and structure after drug rehab. Take advantage of addiction recovery services to prevent relapse…

Upon completion of residential or Partial Hospitalization (PHP) programs, it is often recommended that individuals transition to a same sex sober living home. What leads both men and women into active addiction is rarely similar and recovery is therefore different. When the ultimate goal is to prevent relapse and strive for long-term recovery, you want to ensure you are setting yourself up for success, for example, by residing in a women’s sober living home,

Transitional living homes offer women a supportive environment to live in during a personal crisis. These sober homes offer women who were victims of drug and alcohol dependency, codependency co-occurring mental health issues and unhealthy relationships a safe atmosphere to learn and grow in.

Female only sober living homes allow women the chance to build healthy relationships with other women who understand their struggles. Women are encouraged to focus on their growth and rehabilitation, instead of focusing on romantic relationships. Women are also encouraged to bond and create lasting friendships with the other women in the sober living home. They can help each other in recovery from their traumatic experiences to prevent a relapse and to help women grow.

Many of the services uniquely offered to women in recovery are:

* Financial assistance
* Job and vocational training
* Case management services
* Networking
* Legal support services
* Resume building and mock interviews
* Academic guidance
* Nutritional and exercise education

Some of the many advantages to residing in a women’s sober living home are as follows:

*Fewer distractions (that come along with living with the opposite sex).
* Yes there are distractions such as work, home, school, families, etc., it is beneficial to run them by other women to determine how they have dealt with them while remaining in recovery
* A safe place to continue to heal. With women’s sober living, the environment is one that’s supportive, optimistic, caring and genuine.
* Recovery programs focuss on women’s needs. Women feel more freedom to discuss difficult topics such as relationship issues with other women.
* Gender differences and how treatment can maximize effectiveness of recovery goals is critical.
* In women’s sober living homes, you live with other women who know what you’re going through, because they’re going through it themselves. It’s easier for same sex individuals to relate to one another.

Research has shown that women have a 76% chance of helping prevent relapse among their same sex peers while the statistics show that men are only helpful in preventing 24% of other men wanting to relapse.




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