As a highly structured sober living & addiction recovery residence for women, Junction House can be an effective alternative to traditional addiction treatment.

For those seeking a more real-life addiction treatment experience, a structured sober living residence may provide a better recovery option, especially if the individual has previously completed inpatient drug rehab programs. Structured sober living homes act as an affordable alternative to traditional inpatient rehab and offers added flexibilities not seen in inpatient programs, largely due to their licensing and oversight restrictions. It is often seen as a type of al a carte approach that allows the patient to choose only those services needed, and leaving the rest behind.

What sets structured sober living homes apart is their full-scope external network of reputable outpatient treatment service providers. These include intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), therapists, life and recovery coaches, and psychiatric services, to name a few. The idea is to combine a proactively structured living environment with an array of clinical services that amounts to an integrative yet customized addiction recovery solution.

There is no assessment tool or test that accurately determines definitively who should go to inpatient treatment and who should enter directly into a structured sober living home. A review of the recent literature suggests that the need for inpatient programs applies only to the most severe cases.

Junction House is one of serval structured facilities that can offer a feasible alternative to a residential drug treatment program. Not only does it offer a women’s only setting with daily structure, it is run by women with long term experience in recovery. Like inpatient drug rehab programs, it offers addiction education, daily 12-step meetings, random drug and alcohol testing, yoga and meditation and family guidance on codependency and boundary setting.

Some advantages of entering directly into a women’s only structured sober living home include:
• A more financially feasible alternative to inpatient treatment
• The opportunity for women to have some freedom in their lives along with oversight and accountability.
• The support of outside services if clinically mandated or even requested by the resident.
• The opportunity to try something differently, especially if women have completed several prior inpatient drug rehab programs.
• The ability for women to begin to reintegrate slowly back into life with 24-hour on-site support.

Most people assume the only course of action is to complete an inpatient program prior to considering a sober living environment. This used to be the case. In today’s world, we get to think outside of the box and identify individually what is best.




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