Sisters Debbi and Kiki lend their experience, support and structure for addiction recovery through their multiple effective sober living homes in Pennsylvania…

Effective Addiction Recovery Support System

The owners of Junction House sober living facilities (Debbi and Kiki) in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties have over 35 years between them of personal recovery experience. These women not only have experienced their own struggles in early recovery but are open to sharing their stories with residents to help motivate them to strive towards long-term sobriety. This in itself, allows residents to connect with senior staff and feel less alone. There are also on-site house managers with their own stories of recovery who are available to talk.

It is extremely important to build an effective addiction sober support system. Most addicts, when drinking or drugging, had a history of either isolating or only spending time with others who also drink and drugged. Many come into recovery feeling lonely and disconnected from others. Residing in a women’s sober living home allows you to instantly connect with others in similar positions. It is most likely that the women who reside in most sober living homes will be in their first few months of recovery. While it is important to connect with them, it is also easy to fall into their destructive ways should they choose to do so.

Reasons to build an effective addiction recovery support system

  • Having others working a strong program of recovery allows you to reach out and surround yourself with healthy people, thus isolating less.
  • When you are struggling, it is important to have healthy, sober people to reach out to and receive feedback.
  • Over time, the addict or alcoholic will learn that they literally never have to do anything alone again as long as they are willing to ask for help.
  • Isolation and boredom are the top two offenders in leading one back to drinking or drugging. Having a strong support system can help prevent this.

Debbie and Kiki have managed to work together to build a series of structured, upscale sober living homes. They offer not only a sober environment and drug screens, but also yoga and meditation, addiction education and family codependency. They have dedicated their lives to helping women in recovery.




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