Our mission is to inspire and guide women in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction utilizing proven structure sober support. We believe in emotional honesty, the teaching and practice of the 12 steps, accountability, sponsorship, personal responsibility, character,integrity, and teaching life skills. Founded from decades of personal and family experience with addiction, Junction House Inc strives to share their personal experience of hope and possibilities with women who wish to regain a life once abandoned to drugs and alcohol.​

What Junction House Inc Recovery & Sober Living Homes Offer

The weekly rent fee provides the following:

    • All healthy, fresh, nutritious food provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks
    • On-site CERTIFIED RECOVERY SPECIALIST and live-in female managers
    • Structured, supportive, recovery family environment
    • 12-step AA/NA meetings on and off premises, peer to peer support
    • Upscale living accommodations with fresh linens, pillows, blankets, and towels provided
    • Weekly Certified Yoga and Meditation sessions done on premises
    • All utilities, Wifi, cable included
  • Private, landscaped properties with relaxing decks, fire pit, meditation areas, fireplaces, and plenty of private parking for cars
  • Located in a upscale suburban, country settings at the Junction of Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia counties​. Close proximity to Center City Phila.

We provide affordable, HIGH QUALITY sober living and structured as a single family residence with protection of the ADA and FHAA. Junction House, Inc. is a drug and alcohol-free home. Drug and alcohol tests are randomly and routinely given.


Intensive outpatient (IOP/PHP or GOP,) if needed, are available to close proximity to our residences and our affiliated, accredited facilities provide transportation for our clients. Junction House, Inc. is a self-pay residence with no assistance from the state, government or taxpayers money and our client’s are expected to work or volunteer. Junction House does not provide detoxification.

Meet the Founders of Junction House Inc.
Deborah Arnone & Dr. Kiki DiGiacomo, CRS

Pennsylvania's Junction House Women's Sober Living Home Founders Deborah and Kiki are sisters, who have over 35 years of combined personal and family recovery experience, practice, and knowledge of the disease of alcoholism and addiction. They have taken their recovery residences to the next level of care, along with Dr. Kiki receiving the designation of Certified Recovery Specialist.

It is without hesitation, nor reservation, that their paths have lead them to the opening of Junction House Inc., which was founded with the principles that women can achieve long term recovery, serenity and have productive, fulfilling lives from the disease and disability of addiction.

Living in beautiful homes in upscale neighborhoods, free of disrepair, creates dignity and promotes positive self esteem to fulfill the goal of a purposeful life, free of addiction, and the right for women in recovery to choose where they live.

Debbi and Kiki wanted the Junction House, Inc. residences to provide a family structured environment, utilizing 12 step programs, spirituality and healthy living within a nurturing, spacious setting, while giving back to others in recovery.

This serves to promote quality, long-term recovery…one day at a time. Our philosophy fosters the improvement of healthy body, mind, and spirit in recovery while incorporating 12-step principles into our lives of women.


Kiki at 215-919-1558

Debbi at 215-815-0113



888-445-8628 | 888-44-JUNCTION


Junction House accepts credit cards for sober living homes in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Alliance for Recovery Residences



Relapse Prevention Is Critical For Long Term Recovery

You send a loved one with an addiction problem to treatment. They spend 30-90 days getting clean and sober, talking about their feelings, and getting healthy again. After treatment, they move to a Sober Living Residence or back home and start to live life again. Shortly thereafter, they relapse. You might repeat this cycle three or four times. What is missing?
Treatment is not a cure for addiction. Treatment, meaning attending a clinical recovery program, is an answer comprised of many different answers for living with addiction, without using drugs and alcohol. Relapse prevention is a particular set of tools which helps those in recovery learn how to live in a way which does not trigger them to use drugs and alcohol to cope. Without relapse prevention specific methods and techniques, treatment is a mere break form a hazardous lifestyle.
Stress Management:
Overall, stress management in every form is one of the most important methods for relapse prevention. Stress triggers the brain to seek relief from stress. In the addicted brain, most often that happens through some form of creating pleasure. Due to the way addiction causes learning and memory association, creating pleasure is intimately tied with drugs and alcohol or other harmful behaviors. Managing stress includes learning what causes stress, how to identify stress, how to cope with stress, and understanding how stress relates to triggers for cravings.
Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can feel like having to start life over and learn everything new. Too often self-care refers to the luxurious pampering and quality time one spends with themselves to feel good. Self-care also refers to the everyday responsibilities which need to be fulfilled to take care of the self like eating, hygiene, paying bills, managing tasks, and getting enough rest. At Junction House, we call this “life skills” learning how to incorporate essential themes of recovery into everyday life is critical to living a new lifestyle free from dependency on drug and alcohol.
Being acknowledged, heard, and understood are core needs of every human being. For addicts and alcoholics in recovery, it couldn’t be more important. Healthy forms of communication help maintain proper boundaries, boost self-esteem, and articulate emotions, wants, and needs.
Relapse prevention is a primary focus at Junction House Inc where we show clients how to live along spiritual lines in a new life of recovery. For information on our recovery Residences and Sober Living homes for addiction, call us today at 888-44-JUNCTION or 215-919-1558.
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#Alcoholism is a complex disease that is terribly difficult to resolve alone. There are many benefits to #womenssoberlivinghomes that help prevent relapse…

Humility is not so much about trying to be “good” as accepting that I am imperfect

Happy Sober Sunday! Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

The relationships formed along with the structure and support in #womenssoberlivinghomes goes a long way in assisting with
#addictionrecovery in Pennsylvania.

Happy Sober Wednesday! Situations I fear are rarely as bad as the fear itself.

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