Upscale Recovery & Sober Living Homes in Pennsylvania

Exclusively for Women

Nationally recognized as “Premier Sober Living-Recovery Residences” for women with the best hands-on approach and structure in PA

Three recovery/sober living residences located in upscale suburbia in the areas of Huntingdon Valley, Southampton, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conveniently located at the Junction of Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Northeast Philadelphia ​in Southeastern Pennsylvania with close proximity to Center City

Why Choose Junction House Inc.

    • Nationally recognized premier, yet affordable recovery, sober/transitional upscale living residences for women, who are serious about recovery and want to take the next phase in continuing their paths to long-term recovery
    • Reside in private homes and live as a structured family
    • High quality structured recovery residences in beautiful neighborhoods, offering all fresh, healthy, nutritional food, which is included
    • Transportation provided for Individual and Group Therapy, Early Recovery Skills, and Relapse Prevention Groups by our affiliate IOP facilities​
    • Weekly on-site meditation and yoga classes included
    • ​Personal laptops, cell phones, vehicles, and employment/volunteering are permitted



  • Rehab facilities and other recovery/sober living residences
  • We welcome women of all ages in any phase of their recovery from drugs and alcohol
  • ​A recent relapse and those who need structure and support to maintain long-term recovery​

Junction House Inc Offers


    • Safe, supportive, and structured family sober living homes with the guidance of hands-on owners and female house managers, along with other residing women, who offer their experience, strength, and hope on using learned tools in attaining long-term recovery.
    • Teaches accountability and sets precedence in recovery while providing the needed structure

Owners who have over 37 years of personal recovery experience and are well versed in recovery and the family dynamics of addiction and alcoholism, along with knowledge of using and practicing 12-Step programs

Sober Living for Women in Pennsylvania

We are pleased to announce the opening of our 3rd Recovery Residence, JUNCTION PATH…

A warm country exterior with a hip, sleek modern interior. NOW TAKING DEPOSITS!

Junction House, Inc….


    • Strives to teach the physical, spiritual, and emotional key necessities that women need in order to continue their road to recovery and live a productive, purposeful, self-sufficient life without drinking or using drugs


  • Offers suggestions to a program of recovery and life skills and if taken, along with practicing the principles of 12-step programs, their lives can be fully enhanced and successful in reclaiming their life, self-worth, and self-esteem
Upscale Women's Sober Living Home in Pennsylvania


Kiki at 215-919-1558

Debbi at 215-815-0113

Junction House accepts credit cards for sober living homes in Pennsylvania

A great day! Nothing like a new love bug emotional support dog for our new Recovery Residence Junction Path. Such a sweetheart! Welcome Storm! ... See MoreSee Less

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Each Day a New Beginning- May 3
. . . love is a great beautifier.
—Louisa May Alcott

Meeting life head-on, with a smile, attracts to us people and situations. Our attitudes shape our world – which is not to deny that problems do occur. However, problems can be viewed as special opportunities for personal growth — as gifts, more or less, that we are ready to receive. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The stumbling blocks we encounter push us beyond our present awareness. They teach us that we are stronger and more creative than we’d thought. Problem solving is esteem-building.
Negatively confronting the day is sure to complicate any experiences. A simple misunderstanding can be exaggerated into a grave situation, requiring the energy of many people to handle it. On the other hand, a patient, trusting, loving attitude can turn a grave situation into a positive learning experience for all affected.
We can beautify the day by smiling at it and throughout all the experiences it offers us. The expression of love to everyone we meet guarantees to make us more lovable in return.
How great is my influence today! I can go forth feeling love, if I choose to–guaranteeing an enjoyable day for me and everyone I meet.
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Keep It Simple- May 2
Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Most of us want to be happy. We just don’t know how. We aren’t sure what happiness is. We’ve learned the hard way that some things we wanted didn’t make us happy. We’re learning that happiness comes when we live the way our Higher Power wants us to live. That’s when we’re honest. When we do our best work. When we are a true friend. We make happiness; we don’t find it. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re happy. We’re too busy with our work, our recovery program, our friends and family. We need to slow down and know that when we do what we need to, happiness comes.
Prayer for the Day: Higher Power, help me know that I’m most happy when I listen to You and do Your will. You know better than I do what makes me happy.
Action for the Day:
What parts of my program am I most happy about? Today I’ll think of these and enjoy myself.
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Twenty-Four Hours A Day- May 1
A.A. Thought For The Day...

The A.A. program is one of charity because the real meaning of the word charity is to care enough about other people to really want to help them. To get the full benefit of the program, we must try to help other alcoholics. We may try to help somebody and think we have failed, but the seed we have planted may bear fruit some time. We never know the results even a word of ours might have. But the main thing is to have charity for others, a real desire to help them, whether we succeed or not. Do I have real charity?

Meditation For The Day
All material things, the universe, the world, even our bodies, may be Eternal Thought expressed in time and space. The more the physicists and astronomers reduce matter, the more it becomes a mathematical formula, which is thought. In the final analysis, matter is thought. When Eternal Thought expresses itself within the framework of space and time, it becomes matter. Our thoughts, within the box of space and time, cannot know anything firsthand, except material things. But we can deduce that outside the box of space and time is Eternal Thought, which we can call God.
Prayer For The Day
I pray that I may be a true expression of Eternal Thought. I pray that God’s thoughts may work through my thoughts.
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Hello From Junction House Inc: If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Happy Wednesday! Thought to Ponder . . .
The ultimate defense against the first drink is a spiritual one.

Happy Tuesday! Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.

Today, I will trust that God will do for me what I cannot do for myself-I will do my part working the 12 Steps & letting God do the rest.

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